All About Marijuana Edibles

The popularity of marijuana edibles is growing with each passing day. Amongst many other factors, this boost has been catalyzed by the introduction of recreational marijuana in Colorado. For those who aren’t comfortable with smoking joints, marijuana edibles offer an astoundingly convenient way of consuming cannabis.

Cannabis edibles are nothing but edibles formulated through the way of mixing cannabis extracts with various food products, such as the highly popular “pot brownies”. Thanks to the increased inclination of people towards the consumption of marijuana, both for medicinal as well as recreational purposes, today, renowned dispensaries such as Santa Barbara Greenland Deliveries offer a plethora of products right from cookies to ice creams and even gummies/ infused with marijuana.

Given that marijuana is now legally available in over 20 states across the USA, it is now more than convenient for one and all to know the exact THC content in every food product that contains marijuana through the labels on the packaging. More often than not, a THC content of around 10-20% is enough to give a person a high for at least 4 hours. However the level of high, and the duration for which it lasts, both differ from person to person, on the basis of the individual’s tolerance power.

Some of the many advantages of consuming marijuana edibles are –

• They help a person consume marijuana in a rather discreet way. This helps marijuana patients to take their prescribed dose with great ease, even when they’re surrounded by people or are visiting a public place.

• Cannabis edibles have proven to be a boon for those patients, who cannot smoke it in the form of a joint due to asthma, or other problems that irritate the nasal tract.
• With food products such as the Cheeba Chew (an infused candy) now available, medical marijuana patients have a more than convenient access to their dosage.

• Patients with children and elderly people in the house can easily consume marijuana, without creating an awkward duration, thanks to the wide range of options available right from candies and chocolate bars to gummies and chews!

That being said, one must always remember that it is quite easy to overdose on Santa barbara medical marijuana delivery in the case of infused edibles, simply because it takes a little longer for the cannabis to act. Also, when hungry, most people tend to eat more than just a couple of infused food products thus taking in more than the requisite amount of THC at any given point in time. If consumed in excess, the THC can result in problems such as dizziness, hallucinations, paranoia etc. However, in this case, all that a patient needs to do is sit it out for a few hours and wait for the body to metabolize all the marijuana. That being done, the high will gradually fade away, and the symptoms will retract.

Moreover, in some cases, the marijuana edibles can also prove to be hazardous to the health of the patients suffering from various ailments such as obesity, hypothyroidism, and/or diabetes amongst others since almost all edibles like lollipops, ice-creams, cookies, chocolate bars, etc. are sugary in nature.

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