What do Americans think about Marijuana?


The topic of legalization of Marijuana has been the bone of contention for several years now. With President Trump taking over the helm of administration with Mr. Sessions being the new Attorney General, there is a lot of skepticism amongst the Americans about the future of legalization of weed or marijuana in America.
A large population of Americans want marijuana to be legalized as currently every 1 out of 5 Americans have access to legal marijuana. Currently, it is legal in 28 states and the Americans are positive that it should be extended to the other states of United States of America as marijuana plays a critical role in the field of medicine. Whether it is chronic pain or one’s battle with chronic depression, all of these can be treated effectively to a large extent with the help of marijuana which needs to be used in a controlled and proportionate manner.

Since marijuana is slated as a Schedule 1 drugs which leads to drug abuse, it is definitely not going to be a very easy part to tread on as far as legalization of marijuana or cannabis is concerned.

Now here are a few of the common points which Americans agree on when it comes to legalization of Marijuana across states-

• Since the medicinal application of marijuana is huge, legalization of it is imperative

• Additionally, what can be done is the usage of marijuana other than the medicinal purposes can be restricted or limited based on some defined laws and legalization norms
• Since the marijuana industry is slated to reach the $23 billion mark by 2021, a lot of fair trade practices and other trade ethics laws need to be established for each state which can aid in the legalization of marijuana for the states where it is not legal yet. Legalizing of Santa Barbara marijuana delivery with the appropriate trade laws to guard it will only result as a boost to the economy rather than letting the Russian cartels have a monopoly over it.

• Legalized smoking can also be the way forward with proper laws so that individuals have the freedom that they want to however, it should be constrained so that it does not turn to be a menace to the society.

Well, currently it is too early to comment on the legalization piece of marijuana. What one needs to do is to wait and watch the development of the current administrative heads of United States of America in the domain of marijuana legalization.



Christopher Treman

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