Lesser Known facts about Marijuana

Marijuana is a much discussed topic in United States as a lot of the states are yet to have Marijuana legalized. However, many people are fighting to get it legalized as it has a number of medicinal applications which are necessary for fighting some chronic ailments like incessant pain, depression etc.
Now there are some facts which often times are not known by most of the individuals.

• Marijuana that can be ingested is known as “edibles”. Yes, marijuana can be eaten in the form of marijuana cakes. Additionally, marijuana can be brewed and can be had in the form of the tea as well.

• It is the first 30 minutes of smoking marijuana that one could feel relieved and can get transcended into a world of dreams. It is during this state that one could hallucinate as well.

• In order to get high many individuals do burn the dried leaves and the plant of marijuana and then inhale the smoke

Medical marijuana delivery near me is comprised of high level of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the main constituent of marijuana. This chemical substituent is found in large quantities in the leaves and the plants of marijuana.

• Marijuana is used for spiritual as well as for religious purposes as well

• The chemical name of Marijuana is Cannabis sativa

• Marijuana has some street names which are the commonly known names amidst the locales. It has more than 200 street names.

• Some of the common street names of marijuana are skunk, boom, gangster, Mary Jane, chronic, 420, ganja, reefer, spliff, dope, bud, herb, pot, weed etc.

• Marijuana plays a major role in the formation of psychoactive recreational drugs

• There are different kinds of extracts or cannabis concentrates which are available in the market and are used for different industrial as well as medicinal purposes
• The strength of marijuana is determined by the levels of THC in it

• Marijuana is smoked in a pipe known as “bong” and when it is rolled and smoked like a cigarette, it is then called a joint

• The two states which legalized cannabis first are Colorado and Washington. Here use of cannabis for recreational purposes is also legal. One should consume marijuana as per the legal norms around age, place of consumption and amount of consumption.

Therefore, the above mentioned facts will help you gain some perspective about marijuana as there is a lot of hearsay and myths doing rounds as far as cannabis or marijuana is concerned.

Christopher Treman

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