2wnty3 Clear Vapor Oil Cartridge



2wnty3 Clear Vapor Oil Cartridge

Supported by smokers and nonsmokers, 2WNTY3 will infuse art, music, fashion and cultural components into its purified line of cannabis infused products, differentiating it from anyone in the industry. However, We shall build a movement far beyond the Cannabis Industry.

Sativa: The Creative’s go-to for its mind stimulating effects make this strain-type quite popular among artists and musicians. Its uplifting and invigorating properties have been known to enhance the senses and increase mental relaxation and fluidity.

Hybrid: Hybrid strains will vary in their effects depending on where their lineage lies – whether parent strains are more Sativa or Indica dominant. New users not having a particular preference, or those wanting a more balanced effect are definitely encouraged to try.

Indica: Promotes full-body relaxation, ideal for those wanting to unwind or “come down.” Its narcotic-like effects make it an excellent nightcap and perfect for relieving physical pain and stress.


Sativa Vapor Oil Cartridge 500mg, Hybrid Vapor Oil Cartridge 500mg, Indica Vapor Oil Cartridge 500mg