Shatter Concentrate – Indica

Shatter Concentrate is a concentrated form of marijuana that has a strong dose of CBD. Shatter is a stable stubstance much like dried sap, people smoke shatter out of specialized glass pieces, which you can buy at many smoke shops. By eliminating the plant matter from the ingredients that provide the medicinal advantages, a resin remains as a hard, amber like substance which is concentrated THC.

Generally used when seeking extreme pain relief. Looks like dried sap, crunchy and amber like. It can bring you a strongly euphoric feeling with a potent head high. You will experience a clear mental calm and a deep physical relaxation.

You can use shatter effectively and safely treat migraines, anxiety, insomnia, stress and chronic pains. This shatter og concentrate is fast working and highly effective. You can enjoy the effects of this product for several hours.

Warning: Extremely Potent – use with caution
Comes in a silicone container as a 1 gram amount


1 gram