Trokie 64mg Lozenge

The Trokie® is a pharmaceutical grade cannabis lozenge placed under the upper lip to maximize the absorption of all the medicine. Trokie® dissolves in 30-45 minutes and medicinal benefits begin to take effect within 5-30 minutes. Fast acting because of it’s unique delivery system, designed to have the medicine absorb straight into the blood stream through the mucous membranes in the mouth, allowing for maximized bio-availability.

Fast acting – Long Lasting

Usage: Put into upper lip (between cheek and gum). Wait for a few minutes until you feel the TINGLE ( thats the cannabinoids absorbing into your body) Effects take place in about 30minutes (wait for at least an hour before dosing again.

Zero Calories, Solvent free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Non-GMO, Vegan

Hybrid Mint – 57.55mg THC / 4.7 CBD

Cut into 4 portions


Sativa – Mint, Indica – Citrus